Cosmetic Dentistry in
Murfreesboro, TN

Divine Dental Center in Murfreesboro has helped patients to improve or change the color and shape of their teeth or replace missing teeth since 2006. Dr. Eguakun enjoys helping to increase her patients’ self-confidence with a gentle and sincere concern for their well-being. She enjoys seeing patients beam with a smile after several years of internalized emotions. 

We always conduct an evaluation to determine your cosmetic needs, expectations, and discussion about the treatment options that best fit your condition. In most cases, the cosmetic procedure can be completed in 2 visits.

We ensure our patients fully explain their treatment plan before beginning which may include, teeth whitening, veneers bridges, implants or other dental services. We explain the options to them as simply as possible, use models and Caesy patient educational software to address their questions and concerns about treatment options.  Our procedures are completed in the minimal number of visits and we will use conscious sedation dentistry when necessary to calm anxiety.

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